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2021 - Present

Creative Director - Content/Media/Digital Marketing

Virginia-Georgia Transformer | Continental United States

Tread between customer service and project management and served as a visionary leader for all creative and design-based projects. Often acting as the Senior Videographer on projects requiring two or more persons. The primary liaison, planner, and organizer for events and projects; creating and taking the company’s vision and translating it into internal speak so graphics, content, and video production team can understand the order and complete the project. Oversee the entire project, including pre-production, production, and post-production.

Lead teams in pre- and post-production to carry out all concepts that will suit the project or event at hand. Before projects begin, listen to Executive level members and assist in establishing the vision and analyzing company needs. Create a plan for a company-wide re-branding. Applying experience and expertise in videography, editing, and web/social media marketing to design projects that will support the company’s vision and establish the company brand.

With communication, time management, and interpersonal relationship skills: I work with various teams and freelancers to bring projects to completion. Working with other managers on location, including HR, the Operations Manager, Post Production Supervisor, and Sales Executive — ensure all projects adhere to company procedures, processes, and core values. As the Creative Director at VTC, I have taken on the roles of a Project Manager/Event Coordinator/Producer/Director/Photographer-Videographer/Editor/Graphic Design Supervisor/Communications Supervisor/Public Relations Supervisor and combined them into a single role. This blended management role between these responsibilities has been crucial for high to mid-level projects, events, and productions.

2012 - Current

Director / producer

EXALT Productions - Andrew Tompkins Photography | North & South America

Develop visual storytelling across multiple platforms, using photography, videography, aerial drones, and graphic design to support clients’ communication objectives and audiovisual needs. Record and edit photo, video, and sound projects, select formats for final outputs, capture/import media, organizing raw media. Creating and inserting static and motion graphics, titling, adding music/voice-overs, and archiving media projects. Collaborate closely with clients, models, employees, and Stakeholders to plan projects, shoots, scouting, selecting and reserving shoot locations, transport, setup, and operating various production equipment, including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones for location and studio production. Maintained, troubleshoot, and performed repairs to audio-video and associated production equipment. Prepare the necessary equipment and workflows allowing for streaming for a variety of internet uses and formats. Edit provided footage into a variety of video deliverables intended for broadcast, web, social media outlets, and internal use. Also, Primary marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and other tasks associated with owning and running the business.

2017 - 2019

Director of Art/Marketing/Media/Branding

Adapify Incorporated | Virginia, Georgia, USA

ead strategic direction of the corporate image through media and content to build high-growth digital marketing and content channels to maximize qualified lead volume and capture online market share. Planned, executed, and owned all aspects of content production and marketing campaigns, including Paid Search (SEM), Display, Native, Social, Video, and Retargeting. Leverage expertise in creating and driving quantifiable metrics/KPIs and leverage consumer data to find quality customers to acquire, engage, and retain through various marketing channels; measure, analyze and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, evaluating the results against goals. Utilize data to develop segmentation recommendations to improve audience engagement and optimize conversion across all touch points. Collaborate with internal and external teams to create and implement landing pages, make CRO recommendations, and optimize user engagement throughout the marketing funnel. Source and manage key vendor relationships, including budget negotiation. Track daily budgets across all platforms to ensure spending efficiencies and cost management. Evaluate emerging technologies and provide critical thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate. Create, implement, and distribute graphics, photos, videos, and other media to bolster marketing directives and campaigns further. 



Cinematography - Media Communications

Bachelor - Full Sail University

Media Communications

Associate - Full Sail University


Professional Photographer Certification - New York Institute of Photography

Hospitality Management

Bachelor - Culinary Institute of America


OSX / Windows / Linux 95%
Microsoft Office 95%
Photography / Videography 95%
Adobe Creative Suite 89%
Final Cut 85%
SEO / SEM / PPC 85%
Event / Project Management 85%
Social Media 80%
HubSpot / HootSuite / SaleForce 71%
WordPress / Webpage Design 61%
Html / CSS / Coding 50%


Outreach Associate, Business Development at American Addiction Centers




Technical Support Analyst at Western Virginia Water Authority




Head - Global Service | Aftermarket | Projects at Carrier




-drone Capture Available-

FAA Licensed

FAA Licensed to capture drone/arial footage throughout North and South America. For countries outside this zone such as Europe, Central America, etc. Please contact me to find out if we are capable of shooting video in your preferred country.

-personal Description-



Brief synopsis of my accomplishments and plans

I am an artistic individual with a keen eye and a unique perspective who as a natural leader has gone to great lengths to hone those unique characteristics and skills that have made me a valuable asset to each company with which I have worked.

I have built my experience and expertise over the course of many years. Like almost everyone else, I have done this through university coursework, but also working and gaining practical, real-world, and applicable knowledge. I have cultured a unique and extensively diverse background of skills and talents that make me an outstanding prospect. I have excelled in several industries and honed my keen eye to bring a style and approach to my skillset: everything from Photo & Video Production and Editing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, to Art and Creative Direction, and back again. I have worked my way up the ladder from an apprentice to managing teams of over 40 people. I am continuously working to further my knowledge and abilities through continuing educational endeavors and online training, working to garner applicable industry-acknowledged certifications and awards.


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