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Drone/arial & traditional cinematography

Finding the most strategic and well-thought-out approach to your film & photographic campaigns in marketing is essential to your success. My expertise in film and photography makes me a smart choice to consult you on film & photographic essentials such as art direction, aesthetic approach, photographic direction, video direction, production, editing, and the many other aspects that go into film & photo production.

As well as, with the popularity, growth, and now the necessity of aerial and drone video this has become an essential piece of your film and photography projects. As an FAA Certified individual, I can provide the high-quality aerial and drone video solutions that you need to show off your company in the best light.

global Photography

I have worked globally in the production of various photographic projects, and I am happy to work on your project also.

freelance requests

I do consider requests for freelance projects on a case-by-case basis. If this is something you'd like please contact me directly.

4k video production

Video needs? Drone, Cinematic, Commercial, Product Advertisements, etc? Send me your production request.

ready to edit

If you have a project that has been started but needs editing, either photo or video, consider using my editing services.

Graphic Design - Animations

From webpage design, and advertisements, to logo creation I have done it all. Let me create the content you use next

Digital Marketing

Content creation, social media management, analytics, SEO/SEM, and more . . . contact me now!




DLSR/Mirrorless & Professional Cellphone Images

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio.

The reality of today is that everyone needs high-quality, professional imagery for personal or corporate branding in this digital world. The average user looks first to the online medium to determine or make a decision about a persona and/or company, and if you are showcasing images that are subpar or below the current level of basic user production then you are losing customers, subscribers, and/or followers.

I have been creating photos and images through various projects worldwide for many years and would be honored to offer my services in the production of your creative endeavor.

Well, it depends on what you want out of a videographer/photographer. We blend into the background, and you’ll hardly notice we’re even there yet deliver the high-quality, professional, and cinematic presentation of your event day in full HD on multiple DVD copies and master digital files for download. Many specialists use DSLR cameras to record all aspects of your event, primarily because they’ve been trained to use them in school. In our opinion, DSLRs are great for studio work… we even use them for interviews, TV commercials, and in other applications. But for specific events, DSLRs tend to force content creators to stay in one place, be close to the action and heavily rely on tripods or elaborate gimbles and lots of lighting. We use professional video cameras for our live events that create stunning video footage yet allow us to be mobile without multiple tripods or a ton of lighting equipment and keep our distance with fewer videographers needed to film. Many guests even mistake us for photographer’s assistants, if they even notice we’re there at all! We also try to make the decision-making process as easy as possible for our clients.

You bet. I’ve worked with various cultures in several nations and looking forward to the next. With many productions under my belt now, I’ve handled them all! Especially while working here in the United States, where there’s a vast diversity of cultures and ethnicities. So no matter what cultural ethnicity your event might be, the approach is pretty much the same. That being said, I do speak several languages and can utilize an interpreter if needed for languages outside my current knowledge base.

Absolutely! Most people/companies book right through email or after a phone call, but I completely understand some folks still like the good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. I do too! So when clients want to meet, I can set up a time to meet at a convenient location for you, the client, due to the nature of my busy schedule. Alternatively, if it might be challenging to get together or if the client lives across the country or outside the US, we can always video chat on Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

You should expect to laugh, cry, and, in most cases, be blown away by the quality of editing I provide for your project. It’s one thing to just capture your event, or process your request, but the real art lies in the editing. All of our content comes with a cinematic introduction montage of events leading up to the wedding itself. The ‘main events,’ like your ceremony, reception, expo, etc., are presented in real-time with what appears to be multiple camera angles. Every project is precisely molded to your needs and desires for the finished product and offers plenty of options to comment or request changes during the editing process.

Of course! I’ve enjoyed producing content throughout the U.S. and have traveled internationally for corporate clients and special requests. Small travel fees are associated with anything I can drive to in a reasonable amount of time (anything more than around 2 hours). As long as travel expenses are covered for anything requiring a flight, I’ll be more than happy to produce content just about anywhere in the world!

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